Erasmus is a great way to experience the local city where you’re studying, but what about travelling around the country? This March we had the opportunity to visit the Basque Country in the North of Spain, also known as Euskadi, here is our experience
“If women stop, the world stops”. Do you want to know what’s behind it and how Universitat Pompeu Fabra and ESN Barcelona UPF already became part of International Women’s Day? Keep reading!
Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city that offers a huge range of leisure activities. In this blog post we will introduce you different cinemas where you can have a great time
Do you want to go further and enjoy the most of Barcelona? Here you have a few alternative activities to spend the best time with your friends in the city!
Catalonia and Spain are well-known by its popular dishes related with Mediterranean diet. In this second post we show you a few more traditional dishes of the Iberian Gastronomy
Discover some of the hidden places in Barcelona you should know about!
Girona is an amazing city full of history, architecture, gastronomy and activity. It’s 60 km away from Barcelona, so we’re convinced it’s really worth visiting and you will enjoy a different city in Catalonia
ESN Barcelona UPF always tries to help international students integrate with the city and the university, and one of the programs we’re more proud of is the Buddy Program.
We can guarantee you that you’ll have the time of your life, but first let’s make sure none of your basic questions before arriving remains unanswered!
We invite you to discover our city and traditions on the fabulous Christmas period!
Erasmus is much more than you could have thought. Be social and leave your mark!
Madrid is the biggest city in Spain and a referent in Europe. Discover all its secrets and rich culture!
La Castanyada is a popular tradition celebrated in Catalonia between the 31st of October and the 1st of November
Catalonia and Spain are well-known by its popular dishes related with Mediterranean diet. The following dishes are some of the dishes that you can't miss during your stay.
Last weekend we went to Tarragona for our Integration Weekend trip. We are sure that some beautiful friendships were born after this fabulous weekend, thank you everyone who made it possible!
Tarragona is considered by UNESCO as World Heritage site and an incredible city to discover
Welcome Days are over but your stay abroad has just started! After an unforgetable Welcome Days you can keep enjoying our trips and activities we're preparing for the next few weeks!
The first day of your stay abroad has arrived and ESN Barcelona UPF is ready to welcome you!