Can you believe the Welcome Days are over? They started 9 days ago and it seems it was just yesterday! During this last week, we’ve had the chance to meet new people from many countries as well as discovering the city of Barcelona and its best hidden treasures.


Are you still not sure what Welcome Days are? Learn about them first-hand from our participants!  

“ You can’t miss them.”

“It’s the best way at the beginning, if you don’t have friends yet, because it’s really easy to meet people with ESN activities.”

“They’re excellent! I’ve had a blast!”

“It’s been the best way I could think of for integrating with the city and the new people I have met.”


And do you wonder what kind of activities were included?

“I enjoyed the Speedfriend because that’s where I started to meet a lot of people and I also enjoyed the visits around the city.”

“The visit to the Sagrada Familia, it was amazing!”

“The International Dinner was by far my favorite activity because I didn’t expect to see so many people from many countries and to find all this international food that I had never tasted.”

“I enjoyed the ID and it’s good that it’s not in the first day because by then we knew each other and we could talk to many people.”

Finally, some of your favourite memories!

“I loved the fireworks because we were all together by the sea and I enjoyed the atmosphere.”

“I will always remember singing ‘Let it go’ and ‘Hakuna Matata’ in the Karaoke.”

“During the Speedfriend, I managed to get to know a lot of people but especially my Finnish friend, because now we go together everywhere, even in university!”

“When my bike broke down and I fell from it. I will never forget that funny moment.”


Thanks to Louis, Bianca, Philippe, GabyCarlos and Jose for sharing your experiences!

And don’t forget - Welcome Days are over but your stay abroad has just started! Don’t miss the activities we’re preparing for the next few weeks! Fins aviat!