We already know Barcelona is a great city, and from the first day you arrived here, you’ve had time to visit around and discover many of its most interesting landmarks. However, there are many cities in Catalonia that are also worth a visit and that you may also find very interesting. One of them is Tarragona!

Tarragona is located in the south of Catalonia and it’s the capital of Costa Daurada (Golden Coast). With 132,000 inhabitants, Tarragona is considered to be one of the most important cities in the Mediterranean Sea!

If you only had to know one thing about this beautiful city, that should be its impressive Roman heritage: Tarragona is nowadays an open-air museum, with many ruins that still today let us know how important Tarraco was in the past. For example, the Amphitheatre next to the sea is one of the best-kept Roman theatres in the world, protected by UNESCO as World Heritage site.

Did you know that the missing stones in the amphitheater were used during the construction of the Cathedral in the 12th century? If you visit it, you’ll see  the tallest point of Tarragona, at the top of a hill.

Probably the most captivating Roman monument in the Tarragona area is the aqueduct known as Devil's Bridge. The legend says that the Devil built it after winning a bet in which a fair lady bet her soul. The aqueduct was 25 km long.

Tarragona is also famous for the magnificent Castellers shows that take place during the year. The human towers are possibly the most unique tradition in Catalonia and they gather in Tarragona every year to display their new structures.

All in all, Tarragona is an amazing city full of history, architecture, gastronomy and activity. It’s 90 km away from Barcelona, so we’re convinced it’s really worth visiting and you will enjoy a different city next to the Mediterranean.  


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