If you are an exchange student who will soon arrive to Barcelona, you may be interested in the Buddy Program established by ESN Barcelona UPF.

You are arriving to a new country, where you may have little knowledge about the local community and its lifestyle. As Barcelona can be quite challenging at the beginning, the Buddy Program may give you a head start.

In this program, a group of foreign students is assigned to a Spanish one (who has already applied for it voluntarily), in order to make the beginning of your experience abroad much easier. The aim of the program is that you can have someone you can count on, and ask him/her all about Barcelona and Pompeu Fabra University at the beginning of your stay. This way you, the International student, will already have a personal contact even before you get to your new city.

If you want to meet a local student who will be keen to help you to better understand Barcelona and its lifestyle... this is your program! Sign here and get a buddy.

If you want to learn more or you have any doubt, you can also send us an email:  buddy.program@esnupf.edu