Who are we?

ESN Barcelona UPF is a volunteer association made up of students from the Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona. We collaborate to make your life as exchange students at our university a little easier, in addition to promoting your integration through activities and trips. Most of us have been exchange students before and that is why we know the needs and problems you may have when you arrive in Barcelona.

"Students Helping Students"

This is ESN's motto! We will be with you to make your Erasmus one of the greatest experiences of your life! We will not only see each other in ESN activities, we will surely coincide in class and share classrooms and teachers. 

We hope to see you there! Kind regards, 

Laura, Blanca, Aritz, Joan, Ari Vela, Quinti, Georgie, Leah, Max, Alex Medina, Alex Rodríguez, Ari Guerrero, Erick, Papi, Helena, Raquel, Robert, Biel, Cris, Berta, Irene, Joel, Mar, Marina, Marta Casarramona, Melanie, Júlia Amigó, Víctor, Marta Falcón, Dario, Marc, Guillem, Arita, Anna Morató, Inés, Anna Sánchez, Arnau, Roger, Júlia Chiva, Mireia, Delfina, Paula R, Paula G, Laura E, Alberto, Xia, Nabila, Camila, Martí, Berta C y Melker

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