Mov'in Europe is an international ESN project created in 2014 that emerged with the aim of promoting mobility through the union between ambassadors in local, national and international activities.

Its objective:

With this project, ESN volunteers aim to push young people to take the first step towards a mobility experience. ESN not only promotes exchanges but also tries to make an international experience more enriching for students, by its promotion through its network of 15,000 volunteers, who are mostly active European citizens in the more than 530 sections that ESN has scattered across the continent.

The Mov'in Europe project was created because youth has a great lack of knowledge about where to get the right information to participate in this type of projects, and needs to break the barriers they face (academic, linguistic, social and financial). This is why the volunteers of our ESN network, the majority of these being students who have completed at least one mobility program, share their knowledge, experience and professionalism in order to organize activities. These activities are aimed to inform local students from the 40 countries throughout Europe about the opportunities they have, always related to international mobility.

As we have already said, the implementation of the project is carried out at the three ESN levels (local, national and international). The activities that can be carried out in this project are for example: mobility days, educational fairs, linguistic tandems, conferences, promotion of experiences that can be done in all Europe ... To know examples of the activities and new opportunities you can follow the project through the Facebook Page

Have you ever experienced an international mobility as a student, trainee, worker, volunteer or traveller around the world? Are you willing to share your experience and encourage other young people to take the first step? Make a personal contribution and become a Mov'in Europe Ambassador! Visit the website: for more information

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