The idea of the project

An Erasmus should be an opportunity to learn about a new culture and new educational systems, make new friends, etc. But it should also serve as an inspiration for the future. Exchange students gain through SocialErasmus a perspective and knowledge that they would not acquire if they did not live this experience. The objective of the SocialErasmus project is to enable international students to take advantage of the local community that surrounds them and to enrich the said community with the students’ international background. It also promotes a social attitude among international students across Europe.

The project allows you to gain a new experience and new perspectives while learning more about European cultures. This means that you are able to leave your small footprint in society, which among everything, is a great impact. Leave your mark!

SocialErasmus in Barcelona​

If you’re fed up with sun and party, you’re concerned about today’s problems and want to get to know better the local community in which you’ll be living, SocialErasmus is your spot. Through this initiative, we help you make contact with the social reality in Barcelona that is in most need in order to, with our selfless and charitable activities, be able to leave your mark, create a positive impact on the most needy areas of our society and reach a fairer, equal world. Don’t hesitate to join us in our visits to an animal shelter or a community dining room, amongst many other things.